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AOL’s Daily Finance debuts a commercial from Singer Songwriter Samantha Murphy about Limelight, a simple way for artists to clear any cover song in the world. Limelight‘s full press release is below.

We are very excited about the launch and debut of our new Limelight educational video with Internet pioneer and indie singer-songwriter Samantha Murphy (The Highway Girl). Samantha has written, produced and starred in this 2 minute and 19 second long video highlighting the recording of her new single, an amazing cover of the classic Johnny Cash song “Ring of Fire”. It also shows Samantha using Limelight to clear the necessary mechanical license for this song for her upcoming release.

Samantha is the rare combination of accomplished musician, technology advocate and champion for artists and songwriters. She has produced not only a compelling video that highlights Limelight’s ease-of-use, but has also delivered a memorable version of Johnny Cash’s classic Ring of Fire. We are extremely grateful for her talents, passion and vision for this incredible song. Ring of Fire is the first single from Samantha’s new album Some Assembly Required and will be available on September 15.

We hope that you enjoy it. For more about Samantha / The Highway Girl check out www.samanthamurphy.com and www.thehighwaygirl.com.


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I’m fascinated by what happens to society when we go through tough economic times like we are now.  The rich seem to take a somewhat more cautious approach and recognize this may be a 10-15 year time of rebuilding.  The poor seem to watch with wide eyes as everyone runs around discussing the stock market with such concern.  Both ends of the spectrum seem to remain pretty calm in the face of the financial storm, relatively speaking.  We batten down and begin making preparations.

But, the middle-class…those Gap-wearing, mortgaged to the hilt, spent this year’s salary before I’ve earned it bunch of people….’tis they who are running around in the biggest flap like chickens with their heads cut off.  They’ve bought things they do not need, with money they do not have, to impress people who do not care.  Their very happiness is steeped in material possessions which don’t ever truly satisfy, which is why they must keep working to keep buying.  It is these people who feel hit the hardest.

The poor know how to weather financial storms like this without feeling any pain.  They work so hard that they are usually the very life-blood of the companies they work for.  They have a sense of gratitude for their jobs and pride in their work, so they are usually the last to go.  It is the VP’s and Head of this and Head of that who are cut first.  They are the ones with the brand new Volvo, leased of course so they can stay ahead of the material trends.

People like me with hardly anything in the bank are fighters.  We’ve been through so much and we have nothing to lose.  What little we do have we aren’t that attached to anyway.  I certainly don’t consider myself poor in any way.  I’m rich beyond belief in the ways that matter most.  Just not in the way society defines rich.

Truth be told I actually love times like these because they force people to prioritize.  In doing so, it’s inevitable for us all to become more emotional.  We cultivate a sense of gratitude for our relationships and the people we have taken for granted.  We begin to think seriously about how fortunate we are just to eat and breath and walk this earth.  Yes, in times like these we become a more loving race.  Our essence is examined and revered.  At the end of the day, don’t the same things make all of us truly happy?  A dog that loves us unconditionally, the arms of the one we love wrapped around us, a warm bed.  Aren’t these the things that mean something?

I wanted to express my positivity in this time of doom and gloom.  I have honestly never been happier.  I’ve never felt richer.  And I’ve never been more excited about the company I started over three years ago.  I’ve never had such an amazing team with such a thriving passion to change things and I’ve never been more grateful.

We are indeed in the midst of some very exciting times my friends! I feel we’re all on the precipice of greatness if we choose it.  When we look back at history, greatness has never been about money and it never will be.  Greatness is about who we become when challenging times come upon us.

Please write and tell me your feelings!  sm@thehighwaygirl.com

With Love,

Samantha  xo

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