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AOL’s Daily Finance debuts a commercial from Singer Songwriter Samantha Murphy about Limelight, a simple way for artists to clear any cover song in the world. Limelight‘s full press release is below.

We are very excited about the launch and debut of our new Limelight educational video with Internet pioneer and indie singer-songwriter Samantha Murphy (The Highway Girl). Samantha has written, produced and starred in this 2 minute and 19 second long video highlighting the recording of her new single, an amazing cover of the classic Johnny Cash song “Ring of Fire”. It also shows Samantha using Limelight to clear the necessary mechanical license for this song for her upcoming release.

Samantha is the rare combination of accomplished musician, technology advocate and champion for artists and songwriters. She has produced not only a compelling video that highlights Limelight’s ease-of-use, but has also delivered a memorable version of Johnny Cash’s classic Ring of Fire. We are extremely grateful for her talents, passion and vision for this incredible song. Ring of Fire is the first single from Samantha’s new album Some Assembly Required and will be available on September 15.

We hope that you enjoy it. For more about Samantha / The Highway Girl check out www.samanthamurphy.com and www.thehighwaygirl.com.


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Christopher Dallman is one talented mofo. And I’m not just saying that ’cause he’s my friend.

I honestly can’t remember how we met at this point, but thank God we did is all I can say. Christopher’s music is melodic and sweet. He knows how to tell a story with words and not just in songs either.

Christoper is working on a new EP (yes!) and “Subterranean” is his first single off that album. The song is yours to spread as you see fit. Email it, Tweet it, share it on Facebook, post it to your Myspace page. Help spread this music to new ears!

Visit Christopher’s Official Website to download the single and sign up for his newsletter!

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Thanks to the fine folks over at Tatango, we now have a quick and easy way for you to get the latest  information about our upcoming tour, new webisodes and first dibs on our free MP3 of the Week–right on your very own mobile phone!

How do you get all this good stuff?

Simply text “SMTV” to the phone number 68398 and you’ll be automagically signed up for our mobile updates. If you rather sign-up for our mobile updates on the Tatango website click here.

And don’t worry: We hate spam as much as you do and we won’t sell your information to anyone! Your info is safe and sound.

Tatango’s made it easy to unsubscribe at any time–so what are you waiting for? Sign up for your mobile updates today!

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This week’s guest on The Highway Girl is Evan McHugh. We are thrilled to share the single “Easy Enough” from his album “From the Second Chair” as our free MP3 of the week!

Don’t forget, you can stream Evan’s entire album and see his interview with Samantha over on The Highway Girl.com!

So go ahead, download some Evan into your iPod or Zune, kick back and enjoy!

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