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Musical Guest: Joie Calio

This week on The Highway Girl.com, Samantha talks with the incredible Joie Calio. Joie states that he’s wanted to be a musician since he was 14 years old, saying that his first musical influence was three girls that used to baby-sit him, “sort of like hippie go-go girls.”

In this interview Joie talks to Samantha about his adventures in the music industry, getting that first tour bus and the ups and downs of being an artist in the digital age.

Just for the record, Samantha didn’t wear Go-Go boots to the interview.

Cooking With James

In this week’s “Cooking with James” learn how to whip-up a delicious and nutritious Chicken Salad. This is another easy and nutritious meal that, as always, can feed a band (or family) of four for only twenty bucks!

The Highway Girl Emporium

Love the music you hear on The Highway Girl.com? We’ve made it easy and affordable for you to purchase music and support the artists featured on our show.

Just head over to The Highway Girl Emporium, where you’ll find our music in two delicious (and carb-free!) flavors—digital/MP3 and good ol’ CD’s!

THG Archives

Check out this amazing podcast with JJ Appleton. JJ is one of the hardest working musicians I’ve ever met. He’s been on Carson Daly a few times, not to mention landing himself a slot at Sundance thank you very much.

Support Creative Commons

One of our favorite guests, Jonathan Coulton, has released his greatest hits compilation “JoCo Looks Back” on a 1 GB custom Creative Commons jump drive to help support the 2008 Creative Commons campaign.

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