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Musical Guest: Martha Wainwright

Martha is without a doubt the coolest artist I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is real and honest and so incredibly talented. She’s got a powerhouse of a voice and she’s not afraid to tell the truth.

Thanks to Jamie Jackson for making this interview happen.

If you haven’t heard her new album, you must go out and buy “I Know You’re Married, but I’ve Got Feelings Too.” It’s tremendous and so is she.

You can see the entire interview, by clicking here.

Industry Expert: Michael Spiegelman, Yahoo! Music

Last summer, as part of the TechStars program, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with one of the movers and shakers in the digital music biz–Michael Spiegelman VP of Yahoo! Music.

In this interview, Michael discusses how new Yahoo! technologies, like the open source Yahoo! Media Player, are all designed with one goal in mind: make playing music on the web a more enjoyable experience for the fans!

Michael and the folks over at Yahoo! couldn’t have been more generous with their time, knowledge and free candy! Thanks Yahoo! (Enter yodel here!)

You can see the entire interview, by clicking here:

THG Archive: Inara George

Do yourself a favor. Pour yourself a cup of joe, grab a couple cookies, then sit down and listen to this amazing podcast featuring singer-songwriter Inara George (Bird & the Bee).

Inara’s music incorporates elements of Jazz and Pop, but has a flavor all its own. Her father is Lowell George from Little Feat and her Father-in-Law, Jackson Browne, makes an appearance on this her stunning debut, All Rise.

Inara is genuinely sweet and down to earth. Her talent flows through her as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. And it is!

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Musical Guest: The Devoted Few

While in Australia, Samantha had the pleasure of interviewing  The Devoted Few. The Devoted Few are Ben Fletcher, Skye Knight, Barry Adamson, Dave Hunt, Adam ‘Wesley’ Gregorace & Sam Miller.

In our first episode of 2009, the band sits down with Samantha to talk about their album Baby, You’re A Vampire. What kind of album is it?  We’ll let the band give you a few more clues:

It’s got music that sounds like a city going up in flames, and words that sound like the poetry you hear in your dreams.  It’s got songs about love, songs about war, songs about dead poets, and songs about those guys who pissed the band off.

It’s got at least one song about the futility of all human endeavor that nevertheless makes you want to dance like a lunatic, and a couple of songs about vampires to boot. It is a world-class Australian indie rock record. It’s the new album by The Devoted Few – and they can’t wait for you to hear it.

We can’t wait for you to hear it too. Check out The Devoted Few, on this week’s episode of  The Highway Girl.

Tech Tuesday: Stuart Coupe, Laughing Outlaw Records

Tech Tuesday returns this week featuring an interview with Stuart Coupe from Laughing Outlaw Records. Stuart, who also manages The Devoted Few, sits down with Samantha to discuss the indie music scene in Australia and being an artist in the digital age.

THG Archives

Check out this amazing podcast with the lovely, talented and all around wonderful Martha Wainwright. In this podcast Martha talks to Samantha about life, music and her album, “I Know You’re Married, But I Have Feelings Too.

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