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Samantha Murphy is back on the bus and heading to Las Vegas to attened CES 2010! This is her fourth year performing/speaking/reporting on behalf of the CEA.

She will be a special guest at Lenovo Live @CES 2010 Bloggers Night on USTREAM. You can watch Samantha’s interview w/ Lenovo LIVE between 10:45p and 11:15 (Vegas time) tomorrow night on U-Stream!

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This week we’re dusting off our podcast with Rebekah Jordan.

I walked into Karma Coffeehouse in Hollywood one night to play a show and Rebekah Jordan was onstage.

The first thing I noticed was her voice. Motown I thought. Soulful. Then I listened to the words and I realized they’d been written by someone who had lived them.

The last thing I noticed was just how damn comfortable Rebekah was on stage. Like she was home. I wasn’t surprised to find out later she’s been in films as well.

Keep your eye on this lady.

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This very large band from Boston is really so great. Their song Last Drag is so powerful and it just sticks in your head! They are one of our highest rated artists that we’ve had on the show! The feedback on this band has just been tremendous!

Milquetoast & Co’s lead singer, James McAndrew, just has one of those incredible voices that makes this band unforgettable. Can’t wait to see them live!

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  • Music Industry Wants Royalties from iTunes 30 Second Samples: This entire industry seems to be run by people who don’t just not understand the internet, but are aggressive about not understanding the internet. They have their old way of doing business and the old way the world works, and they’ll be damned if any new fangled thing like a complete upheaval in the way people acquire and listen to music is going to change that. [TechPoint]
  • Dear Lily Allen: An open letter to Lily Allen in song format, regarding her recent campaign against filesharing and her decision to quit music.[YouTube]
  • What I Learned From a Music Industry Startup: We can talk until we’re blue in the face about how artists should be using facebook, myspace, last.fm, immem or what-have-you to connect with fans (which is all true), but if the music sucks, none of that is going to matter. [Justin Travis]
  • MPAA Opposes Download Royalties for Songwriters: The Digital Media Association (DiMA), the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and other industry organizations are opposing ASCAP’s claim for public performance royalties for digital downloads of sound recordings for their composer, publisher and songwriters members. [Music Industry Report]
  • The Liberating Effect of MP3 Blogs: Nick Hornby used to find record shops scarily intimidating (remember High Fidelity?), but the advent of MP3 blogs has liberated music fans everywhere. Writing exclusively for OMM, the author reveals why… [Guardian]

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This week we’re dusting off our podcast with Michael Mishaw.

I’ve been singing with Michael for 15 years and I’m amazed at the career he’s had. He’s performed with Neil Young, Luther Vandross, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Natalie Cole and so many others.

You’ve heard him singing in the films Shrek, the Matrix and at least 20 other box office hits. Apart from being one of my best friends in the world, he’s just an incredible artist.

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Christopher Dallman is one talented mofo. And I’m not just saying that ’cause he’s my friend.

I honestly can’t remember how we met at this point, but thank God we did is all I can say. Christopher’s music is melodic and sweet. He knows how to tell a story with words and not just in songs either.

Christoper is working on a new EP (yes!) and “Subterranean” is his first single off that album. The song is yours to spread as you see fit. Email it, Tweet it, share it on Facebook, post it to your Myspace page. Help spread this music to new ears!

Visit Christopher’s Official Website to download the single and sign up for his newsletter!

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This week we’re dusting off our podcast with Mr. Gregory Page.

Quite simply, Gregory Page is the reason I started podcasting. I played a songwriter’s night in San Diego called Acoustic Alliance. Gregory was leaning on the bar eating a banana when I came off stage. He said, “I’m up next. I guess I probably should’ve brought a guitar.

Ever since that night I have been amazed time and time again by Gregory’s music. His songs are wonderful vignettes from another time and he is as prolific as Randy Newman, but with a style all his own.

Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Gregory Page.

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