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Not only was it my first year performing an official showcase (Yay!  Ben Deily of the Lemonheads came with John Strohm of the Blake Babies who has a wonderful blog post you need to check out here), but our panel was also selected entitled From the Stage: An Artist’s Perspective.  Many thanks to our wonderful panelists Kate Bradley (Outlandos/Blurt), Rob Giles (The Rescues), Michael Petricone (CEA) and Anais Mitchell (Righteous Babe).  It was a blast!  You can check out the podcast on SXSW.com

The Highway Girl SXSW Panel

Somehow we also managed to throw a little shindig of our own!  We invited some incredible singer songwriters to stop by and play.  Greg Holden, Rosi Golan, Rob Giles and Paul Chesne all blew us away with their live sets.

Many thanks to them as well as our sponsors Oxfam, Insiders Network, Bandvino and Roku.  We gave away a Roku player as well as a couple of wine spikes from Bandvino.  Congrats to our winners!!

The Highway Girl also needs to thank PGI for allowing us to film in the penthouse of the Frost Bank Building in beautiful Downtown Austin.  New episodes of The Highway Girl coming soon on our brand new site.  SO excited!!

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Last.fm Launches Four HD Radio Stations: Just a few hours ago, Last.fm Discovers launched in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. The social music experiment has gone to another level. [Mashable]

How much is a fan worth?: How much should an artist be willing to sacrifice (or spend) today to acquire fans? And how many fans are needed to be able to make a living as a musician? These aren’t easy questions to answer, but I want to try anyway. Or at least start. [Music Think Tank]

Australian Indies Rally Against MySpace: The dispute is part of one that has been going on globally since the launch of MySpace Music in the U.S. Led by trade group Merlin, some indie labels have chosen to boycott the service until they get a deal closer to the one negotiated by the majors which include a combined 40% equity stake. [HypeBot]

Copyright Infringement Insurance Policies for Songwriters: There’s a reason why most who are just entering the industry don’t know about this insurance option: it has always been unaffordable for the majority of songwriters. Until now…  [Artist House Music]

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  • Music Industry Wants Royalties from iTunes 30 Second Samples: This entire industry seems to be run by people who don’t just not understand the internet, but are aggressive about not understanding the internet. They have their old way of doing business and the old way the world works, and they’ll be damned if any new fangled thing like a complete upheaval in the way people acquire and listen to music is going to change that. [TechPoint]
  • Dear Lily Allen: An open letter to Lily Allen in song format, regarding her recent campaign against filesharing and her decision to quit music.[YouTube]
  • What I Learned From a Music Industry Startup: We can talk until we’re blue in the face about how artists should be using facebook, myspace, last.fm, immem or what-have-you to connect with fans (which is all true), but if the music sucks, none of that is going to matter. [Justin Travis]
  • MPAA Opposes Download Royalties for Songwriters: The Digital Media Association (DiMA), the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and other industry organizations are opposing ASCAP’s claim for public performance royalties for digital downloads of sound recordings for their composer, publisher and songwriters members. [Music Industry Report]
  • The Liberating Effect of MP3 Blogs: Nick Hornby used to find record shops scarily intimidating (remember High Fidelity?), but the advent of MP3 blogs has liberated music fans everywhere. Writing exclusively for OMM, the author reveals why… [Guardian]

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  • Filesharing crackdown divides UK music industry: The row has pitted big names such as Billy Bragg and Annie Lennox against record labels and the Musicians’ Union ahead of an approaching government deadline for comments in its illegal filesharing consultation. [Guardian]
  • Marketing Campaigns that Spread Themselves: You know these people. They go to every social media conference. They write books on the subject and speak and get interviewed constantly about it. They network CONSTANTLY and rant about companies that don’t “get it”. [Michelle’s Blog]
  • A look at music licensing and copyright clearance: You need to get permission from the holders of every piece of the copyright or copyrights you are using. All of this gets very complicated when you’re dealing with remixes, hip-hop, older material, obscure material or material that is controlled by many different parties. [NonAlignment Pact]

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