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The Highway Girl Presents @SXSW 2010 Prepare yourself for the madness that is SXSW by enjoying a glass of wine and listening to some incredible storytellers play live music!

We have two tickets up for grabs to our PRIVATE event. If you’d like a chance to win and hear live sets from Rob Giles, Rosi Golan, Samantha is The Highway Girl and more, send us an email with ‘SXSW Party’ in the subject line to enter.

Winner will be notified by email no later than 3/10/10. In honor of our new partnership with Roku, we will be giving away a Roku box at our party!

RSVP on Facebook >>

Featured Artists:

  • Rob Giles
  • Rosi Golan
  • Samantha Murphy
  • More Artists!


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Do Geeks Rock? Yes!Every once in awhile a cool event comes along and we wanna be involved! That’s why for the second year we’re proud to be media sponsors of Silicon Valley Rocks. Benefiting Music in Schools Today (MuST), SV Rocks is 7 bands comprised of at least one exec from the tech community.

Tech professionals by day, rockers by night – on December 9 at the Great American Music Hall, they’ll pick up their instruments and venture onto the big stage to let their alter egos shine… for a good cause and the love of music.

Silicon Valley Rocks 2009 will bring together the Valley’s tech community – from VCs and entrepreneurs to bloggers and software developers – to raise money for Music in Schools Today (MuST), a Bay Area non-profit that seeks to rescue music programs from budget cuts.

The second annual showcase will once again feature Silicon Valley bands and original rockers who will entertain and amuse your entire social graph.  Friends of the Highway Girl can save $5 off tickets at all pricing levels by clicking here.

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Cameron McGill & What Army live at Albums on the Hill in Boulder, Colorado. You can stream more of Cameron’s music (for free) over on TheHighwayGirl.com!

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Last.fm Launches Four HD Radio Stations: Just a few hours ago, Last.fm Discovers launched in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago. The social music experiment has gone to another level. [Mashable]

How much is a fan worth?: How much should an artist be willing to sacrifice (or spend) today to acquire fans? And how many fans are needed to be able to make a living as a musician? These aren’t easy questions to answer, but I want to try anyway. Or at least start. [Music Think Tank]

Australian Indies Rally Against MySpace: The dispute is part of one that has been going on globally since the launch of MySpace Music in the U.S. Led by trade group Merlin, some indie labels have chosen to boycott the service until they get a deal closer to the one negotiated by the majors which include a combined 40% equity stake. [HypeBot]

Copyright Infringement Insurance Policies for Songwriters: There’s a reason why most who are just entering the industry don’t know about this insurance option: it has always been unaffordable for the majority of songwriters. Until now…  [Artist House Music]

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This week we’re dusting off our podcast with Rebekah Jordan.

I walked into Karma Coffeehouse in Hollywood one night to play a show and Rebekah Jordan was onstage.

The first thing I noticed was her voice. Motown I thought. Soulful. Then I listened to the words and I realized they’d been written by someone who had lived them.

The last thing I noticed was just how damn comfortable Rebekah was on stage. Like she was home. I wasn’t surprised to find out later she’s been in films as well.

Keep your eye on this lady.

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This very large band from Boston is really so great. Their song Last Drag is so powerful and it just sticks in your head! They are one of our highest rated artists that we’ve had on the show! The feedback on this band has just been tremendous!

Milquetoast & Co’s lead singer, James McAndrew, just has one of those incredible voices that makes this band unforgettable. Can’t wait to see them live!

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The one of a kind Paul Doucette performs live from The Fox Theatre in Boulder, Colorado.

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